Seven stories of bullshit

West End is a sea of cranes, on every corner there seems to be some form of a highrise residential monstrosity taking shape.
For over a year we've been watching as one such development has been worked on across the street from our office. Right from the very start when a proof of concept was setup, which included a vertical garden as part of the display, there was a sense of dread. No one really wants to be or enjoys being close to developments with the constant traffic issues and the dust and dirt - so much dust we had to give up cleaning the windows. Even with that dread we thought maybe it will be a good thing, especially to see how they create such a massive vertical garden.

There are several articles all talking up this garden, 480sq meters of vertical garden. The largest in vertical garden in Queensland complete with herbs and succulents.

Artist impression of Verde West End^ Artists impression of Verde West End

^ Check out that amazing vertical garden

All I can say is one of these things does not look like the other. 

This is a load of crap, there is no vertical garden at all. It is concrete boxes that will be for vines to run up the side of the building. This is nowhere near the 480sq meters of plants.

When will developers be held accountable for failing to deliver on their promises based on artist renderings?