Garsden & Clarke

Garsden & Clarke Interiors have been designing and building high end cabinetry in a multitude of interior projects for over 20 years. The quality of workmanship has always been at an award winning standard and is a cornerstone of this Brisbane based company’s success.

As Garsden & Clarke continued to grow they recognised a need to update their brand to reflect current design aesthetics. It's an important consideration when undergoing this process with an established business to not disregard their existing clientele whilst modernising and attracting the new.

With a vast array of design styles in their own repertoire and a consistent theme of combining state-of-the-art equipment with the latest that modern lighting can offer into designs that suit the individuality that each client demands, G&C were ready to make the leap of faith.

The design of the brand solution needed to answer a common theme that arose throughout the design process. It needed to feel familiar yet new, traditionally modern, a visual unification of disparate parts. We felt that a unique answer to this could not be reached by a simple (lazy) typographical solution alone.

We explored many designs throughout this journey and arrived at a simple clean juxtaposition of bold architectural with feminine elegance. To achieve this a hand constructed ampersand was painstakingly crafted to combine the founding owner’s names with a new simple descriptor that captured the breadth of the businesses capabilities.

The scope of work for this branding project included corporate identity and logo design, web design and web development, corporate livery, stationery design and a comprehensive visual corporate branding style guide.    

G&C logo detail
G&C stationery items
G&C coffee table book
G&C vehicle livery
G&C uniform design

G&C style guide inside cover spread
G&C style guide inside spread
G&C style guide internals
G&C style guide mood board guide