Boutique Citrus


When the good folks at Boutique Citrus needed their new brand, they were very specific - Keep It Simple - Set Boutique Citrus apart from their competitors. The scope of work included the design of a new logo, creating the visual identity, design stationery including letterhead and business cards, and packaging with varied box styles and swing tags for point of sale.

The primary product of Boutique Citrus are limes and primarily Australia native fingerlimes. They are a premium grade export fruit and are highly sort after in Michelin star awarded restaurants worldwide. As such it was of paramount importance to create a brand that captured the essence of this unique fruit and conveyed that to it’s intended market.  All collateral was hand drawn in house to ensure graphic design that would be both memorable and distinctive. 

illustration - Andrew Trimmer  ^

final design  ^

design variation submission  ^

Once the brand design was established, we were tasked with creating multifaceted packaging that: would attract positive attention; remain elegant; be distinctive from its competition; meet strict export packaging requirements; display necessary export details; was "food safe" for consumers; and delivered fruit in peak condition. Elements of overall package design included bespoke die line templates and featured self fastening tabs and ensuring packaging had excellent ventilation for transit. Boutique citrus  was afforded massive cost savings by utilising Grafix Garage's international print connections. Additional cost benefits included time saving efficiencies with the ease of box construction. The unique box design allowed packers to save time when packing their product by not requiring fastening tapes or applying adhesive labels.

final packaging design  ^

packaging design submission  ^

packaging design submission  ^

packaging design submission  ^

alternate logo design submission  ^

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