Geosensor Wireline

Geosensor Wireline

A fresh new collaboration between two well established brands requires a delicate touch. Creating a mark that symbolises the collaboration between two separate entities often threads a tenuous line.  Australian company GeoSensor and their Luxembourg based associates Advanced Logic Technology needed a logo that would announce and position their new collaboration.  Our primary goal was to create a simple, elegant mark that would reflect the professional ethos and technical expertise of both companies. Unifying them under one banner allows GeSensor Wireline to be perceived as a single entity and target new global markets.

To achieve big results sometimes we have to start with something small, as was the case here. For a mark to work it needs to identifiable everywhere it's seen. A simple exercise to consider when you are thinking of a new logo is - Imagine your logo at it's worse, will it be recognizable? Will it be memorable?

This phase of the creative process is exploratory and dialogue with the client is often conversational. We encourage participation as much as possible, the clients intimate knowledge of their clientele and product mean valuable insights can be gleaned and expanded upon. At this point we don't talk in the definitive, concepts are kept rough and often provided without colour to maintain the essence of the idea and kept as pure as possible.
The thumbnails below are some of the concepts provided during the process. 

^ Preliminary draft

^ Secondary drafts

^ Alternate drafts

^ Final roughs

Refinement of the concept is the distillation of the rough drafts into a more cohesive design, often combining elements from previous iterations. This is also the introduction of the colour pallet and considerations for application to varied media occur at this phase of development.

The thumbnails below are some of the concepts provided during this stage of the process. 


The final phase of the logo design process entails the construction of finished concept and outputting of files in the necessary formats for web, print and video production. This is also the point at which an optional style guide can be created to give detailed instruction on colour and usage for reproduction by third party providers. Once this stage is complete, identity and image design begins to create a cohesive corporate identity.

The thumbnails below are some of the concepts provided during this stage of the process. 

^ A finished logo needs to be provided and checked in a variety of sizes for legibility

^ Simple white letterpress opaque ink on natural eco-friendly stock gives a unique look and feel

^ Gold foil deboss adds elegance and sophistication  

^ Sometimes less is more, this clear UV Varnish is cost effective way to achieve high end results


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