JDL Construction

JDL Construction

All great builds start from great foundations.

Our approach with JDL Construction was to employ an ethos similar to their own philosophy of design and development - measure twice and cut once. We both hold a similar belief that the devil is in the detail, which gave us a common focus and direction for building a beautiful end result.

The goal of the website design was to elevate the brand and embody JDL's commitment to the process of construction. Like us they use their processes to deliver high end results for their clients. Design is not secondary consideration for JDL which is abundantly evident from the level finish and personal attention to detail.

We designed this website to capture an architectural feel but still maintain function to deliver all the relevant information in a way that is not typical of other builders' websites. We don't treat you like you're just a number and we never build from templates. Every problem is as unique as the solution. If you think what you offer your customers is uniquely different from your competitors then why would you present yourself like the rest?     

The scope of this project includes web design, web strategy, social media, content creation, photography, large format printed media. 

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