On-Site Projects

On-Site Projects


On-Site Projects is a thriving Brisbane based shop fitting business with large national corporate client base. Grafix Garage were engaged to create a clean corporate look and feel. Our clients main asset was a large image bank of work which needed to be easily referenced by staff and clients. A high end look and feel was achieved with animations and transitions to highlight and promote features otherwise missed.

The owners and management of "On-site" maintain a rare and strong belief in the adage of "a picture speaks a thousand words" and as such invested the resource of good photography to do their talking for them. Websites will always engage an audience when the corporate image is authentic, professional and unique to the respective business.  In our experience, customers are becoming increasingly aware of visual impact and it's affect on the buying decision. This level of sophistication can only be achieved by designing for the individual client and not through a template approach. If your product or service is unique, then it must be reflected in your marketing.

Project scope: Mobile device compatibility; HTML front end; CMS back end; Social network connectivity; Google map interactive contact; Search Engine friendly architecture; Print management; Style Guide essentials 

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