Performance Lab

With an extensive corporate clientele of Bluechip professional and publicaly listed companies, Performance Lab needed to extend their reach and modernise their presentation to achieve a fresh change from the previous corporate identity of Teamcorp Australia. The result is a stronger brand and digital presence that alludes to the uniquely scientific and measurable approach they apply to their client's needs.

The Garage was tasked with the goal of helping Performance Lab engage with new and existing customers. One of our key objectives was to connect divergent conceptual ideas in a way that is both visually appealing and memorable. This is achieved by incorporating a bold neutral palette with vibrant accents that tied a history of performance sports coaching and a strong corporate ethos. Other subtle design cues were incorporated to create subliminal links to molecular biology and other scientific concepts that underpin the core values of the brand.

Grafix Garage takes pride in our ability to take traditionally dry real world "nut's and bolts" content and rework it in a way that brightens the imagination and enables the consumption of complex esoteric notions.

The scope of work for this branding and web design project included corporate identity and logo design, web design and web development, video production, video editing, logo animation, stationery design and a comprehensive visual corporate branding style guide.

G&C logo detailG&C uniform designG&C stationery items
G&C coffee table book

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