Tonic Design

Tonic Design


Since 2002, TONIC has been providing outstanding architectural design services across Australia, and most recently have identified a network of affiliate offices across Auckland, Bali and Hanoi. This international presence required a site that would deliver information visually to a diverse audience.

The solution for the website was a little unorthodox and involved an innovative solution which included CMS (Content Management System) with integrated HTML and Flash front end design. Flash allows us to control the presentation and affords the ability to give a more "high-end filmic" feel to the site. We integrated the HTML back end and an auto detect feature to recognise when the site is being viewed by mobile platforms to avoid compatibility issues. An interactive map feature was also included that allowed the client to create and place their own iconic elements onto a flash based Google map to visually highlight their global reach.

The design approach for this site was to impart a minimal aesthetic, similar to that of an art gallery wall that draws no attention to itself allowing the image to be the star. A luxurious effect is created by having high quality images fill the screen and showing off the work in great detail.

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