Virtual Warrane

Virtual Warrane


"Virtual Warrane II" grew out of the successful "Virtual Warrane" exhibition that showcased five years ago at Sydney Customs House. The latest version of this computer-generated simulation uses more advanced computer graphics to provide an immersive heritage experience, while respecting the original custodians of this unique environment. The simulation uses embedded video, artefacts, interactive games and recordings to enable you to interact with the environment and appreciate the sacred connection that these people had with their land.

This prestigious project was launched and housed for several months in the historically significant location of Customs House in Circular Quay and saw several thousand visitors from all over the world. The breadth of work was an excellent test of Grafix Garage's capabilities. Given only a few weeks to prepare the Garage crew stepped up to the challenge, creating a vast suite of promotional materials and display items ranging from small display cards up to vast backlit wall displays. Other items included: wayfinding and directional signage; video displays; logo design; a massive transparent map of Sydney Harbour covering the entire glassed foyer; Internal and outdoor banners;  translucent glass frosting; catalogues; postcards; DVD and cases; hand illustrated icons; photographic manipulations; game interface designs... and the list goes on.

Drawing on decades of collective experience we were able to design pieces that were both aesthetically pleasing and culturally sensitive to the original land owners.  Grafix Garage prides itself on an ability to over deliver cost effective high end results, disproving and old adage - service, price and quality why not have all three? Crossing many boundaries we blended several mediums of old school hand illustration with modern digital interface design and mixing contemporary large format digital print with traditional offset printing, producing the wide array of materials required for this seamless launch.

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