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Safe:Food is a regulatory body that oversees the primary production and processing of meat, eggs, dairy, seafood and horticulture (seed sprouts) in Queensland, Australia.

Being in the unique position of providing industry oversight it was heavily scrutinised and continuously treading the fine line between public safety and the increasing demand of produce.


"Good art sends a different message to everyone

Good design sends the same message to everyone."

Having produced several annual reports for companies over the years, Grafix Garage was approached to help produce one such document for Safefood. Interestingly, when this report was designed back in 2007, Annual Reports were a mandatory legal requirement, and acted as a form of health check to inform stakeholders of the organisation's performance and progress.

An underestimated aspect of design is the occasional need to create an impression of restraint. Design is not about spectacle, it’s about connecting you to your audience in the most succinct manner possible. This is particularly important when creating financial documents where it is not in the clients best interests to be perceived as ostentatious.

An aspect of the design solution was to minimise the colour palette and utilise uncoated stocks to add a sense of moderation to the report. The addition of a graphical line element acts as a visual path leading the reader’s eye through the text, allowing the audience to stop for breath at key points, punctuated by typographical excerpts or imagery.

Services for Safefood Queensland include: Graphic design, Brand design, Brand strategy, Print management.

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