Custooney Custom Rods

Custooney Rods

When only the best will do.

When a gentle tap turns immediately into an explosion of fins and scales, you need the power, finesse and control that only a Custooney delivers.

One off, made to order, custom handcrafted fishing rods painstakingly and lovingly created for the discerning angler. A concept analogous to the solution required in the creation of this elegant brand.


"Each one of our rods are sourced from the finest carbon blanks, and painstakingly hand wound into the ultimate premium fishing implement and made available to only the most discerning angler. With this in mind, we turned to Grafix Garage as the only choice when creating the branding needed to reach our clientele".


The Brief: An elegant design that will stand the test of time and befitting of the high end applications that these piscatorial implements demand.  

Considerations: The logo must be reproducible in one colour and often represented in gold foil to be viewed clearly through clear epoxy. 

Result: Utilising the elegance and fluidity of a script font as the base, we added custom elements such at the bar of the “t” to symbolise the parabolic arc of a fishing rod straining as it catches the “y” representing the open mouth of its prey.  The strong diagonal created by the central element takes the eye.

Deliverables for Custooney Rods include: Logo, Brand design, branded elements, Brand strategy, Labels, Embroidery.

Enough about us...

6 / 170 Montague Road, South Brisbane