Early Years Count

Bright, cheerful and engaging were the brief requirements for the design of this height chart also featuring reusable and replaceable stickers similar to Postit notes

Project Details

Create a fun goody bag full of Early Years items to be produced as giveaways at exhibitions and shows. These Items needed to engage children and have an educational component to enhance growth and appeal to the inquisitive nature of kids between the ages of 3 and 8. A unique innovation with this project besides the bespoke illustration by Andrew Trimmer were the adhesive labels utilising Postit-like glues to allow the reuse of leaf shaped pointers used as height indicators to help track your child’s meteoric growth. These were made from renewable uncoated stock for both their environmental impact and ease of use to accept most pen types.  

  • Client: Queensland Department of Education
  • Scope: Height chart , stickers and labels
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