Early Years Count

Queensland Department of Education

They grow up so fast.

When the Marketing Team at the Queensland Department of Education needed creative art direction and distinctive design they went straight to the biggest kids they know.

What a hoot! We reached new heights of creativity and fun whilst designing this educational height measurer and memory maker.


Design isn’t decoration, we carefully consider longevity and function along with aesthetics in everything we create.

Created specifically for kids between the ages of 3 and 8, the artwork featured the work of local artist Andrew Trimmer and showcased a menagerie of familiar animals for kids of all ages. 

These Items needed to engage children and have an educational component to enhance learning and appeal to the inquisitive nature of kids. The design included vibrant colours and  was peppered with educational fun facts and an a counting game with hidden prizes.

These components all combine to create a finished product which features a matte celloglaze coating to protect the chart from damage and to increase its lifespan as well as designing reusable Postit notes in the shape of gum leaves to mark height milestones to track your child's meteoric growth.

Bright, cheerful and engaging were the brief requirements for the design of this height chart also featuring reusable and replaceable stickers similar to Postit notes.

Early Years Count

Deliverables for Early Years Count include: Logo, Graphic design, Illustration, Print management, Design consultancy, Design workshops.

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