Evolving Minds

Evolving Minds

The kids of tomorrow, today.

Evolving Minds Early Learning focuses on two key cornerstones of childhood development - mindfulness and resilience.

Mindfulness enhances a child's learning and resilience enables children to better manage stress and cope with challenges. Play based programs create memorable moments of learning, connection and relationships to help build better humans.


"Personalised, efficient and always trying to give you the best outcomes for your business. Highly Recommended".

Cherie Kelly - Marketing Director - Deluca Constuctions

Grafix Garage’s extensive experience with early learning and childcare centres throughout Queensland was invaluable in the creation of the brand's direction and strategic development. We worked closely with centre managers, educators and the marketing team to produce brand strategy and collateral that resonated with their target audience to attract enrolments to the new centre.

Style Guides are an integral part of any brand design. They act as a set of rules containing specifications to anyone requiring instruction on exactly how to present your brand to the world.

Our design processes allow for responsive and creative design solutions when time is of the essence. We bring clarity of message to your brand to help it tell a story, revealing the personality of your business through design is a core tenant of Grafix Garage’s design philosophy.

These are some preliminary examples of the graphic design materials created for communication to potential parents and families. 

Deliverables for Evolving Minds includes: logo, brand design, signage design, frontage hoarding design, branded elements, brand strategy, digital strategy, brand usage and style guide, stationery items, print management.

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