Litchfield Guitars

Litchfield Guitars

Lance Litchfield legendary Luthier

Every so often and all too rarely we encounter a client whose dedication to perfection has few equals. Where their commitment to the best isn’t a claim, it is self evident in each handcrafted piece they create. Constructed from rare timbers and combined seamlessly with composite materials to produce world class concert level sound.

Every instrument is honed to a level of perfection where their client can request nuanced sound qualities that suit their individual play style and accentuate the timbre and resonances they seek. 

So, no pressure. When Lance came to us looking for a website and logo design we were honoured to help him showcase his work. We turned immediately to our favourite photographer Mike Curtain to help us capture the extraordinary level of finishes in the Litchfield Guitars and we hope the result speaks for itself.

Website Development
Logo design
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Newstead, Queensland

Enough about us...

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